The Journey to Awakening

Get the simple framework to become the magnet for what you want, to attract your dreams in your health, finances, relationships, spiritual purpose and career.

Now is the time that you embody your intrinsic feminine strength, wisdom, power and beauty so that you live a life filled with abundance, wonder, freedom and joy.

Is the most powerful form in the Universe because she is the Universe. Each of us holds elemental energies of her within us, called shaktis that represent different aspects of divine consciousness. When you awaken these energies, you awaken your full potential to thrive.

The Goddess is the DIVINE FEMININE.

Awaken the Divine is a sacred container for you to awaken the Divine Feminine; and take the journey of reconnecting, remembering, restoring the soul seeds of the Goddess deep within you. There is no right or wrong when you approach the journey with an open heart and an authentic desire to know Her and yourself more.

When you fully awaken these energies within you will:

  • fully embody your highest potential for living
  • shift your internal landscape and create a profound shift in your external world
  • deepen your capacity for living with passion and depth
  • develop an unwavering spiritual connection, giving you a new level of certainty and trust where you feel more grounded, safe, held and steady
  • awaken your capacity to receive more love, abundance, ease, creativity, health and wealth
  • show up authentically and powerfully without shame, guilt or inner judgment
  • stop struggling and pushing so hard to make things happen and start flowing with grace and guidance through life’s changes
  • a paradigm shift where the divine feminine is honored within your daily life
  • radiant confidence, exude joy, and strengthen your faith and intuitive capacities

When you don’t have a strong connection to your innate capacities and to the divine you feel untethered and subject to the whims and changes of life happening all around you.

Tell me if this resonates…

You feel you need to:

  • control your circumstances to feel safe and certain
  • make things happen because you don’t fully trust that you are supported
  • push harder in order to overcome obstacles
  • hide parts of yourself for fear of not being valued, loved or appreciated
  • overdo, over give or self-sacrifice in order to meet expectations, to feel seen, special or good enough
  • put others needs before your own
  • project your fears onto the future because you don’t want to recreate the past
  • put off your own happiness, and feel you need to do more to achieve more

“Who is She?

She is your power, your Feminine source.

Big Mama. The Goddess.

The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. The life force.

The first time, the twentieth time you may not recognize her.

Or pretend not to hear.

As she fills your body with ripples of terror and delight.

But when she calls you will know you’ve been called.

Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer.”

~ Lucy Pearce, Burning Woman

Connect to the power of the divine feminine to self-honor your journey to an easeful and trustful state.

Cultivate a spiritual connection to always feel supported, held and nourished.

Live with certainty, faith, positivity, freedom, and confidence daily!

Awaken shakti and feel yourself come alive with wonder, awe, and passion for your life !

Find your own unique rhythm and pace to life. Dissolve internal blocks and be transformed.

Be in awe of your divinity!

Each month you'll discover and awaken a new aspect of your inner goddess!

Become the magnet for all that you desire to attract and manifest with greater ease, joy and fun in less time.

Awaken your divine shakti and embody fierceness, compassion, strength, beauty, resilience, courage, will power and creativity!

Your time is now to show up in a new, magical and radiant way for yourself and others with enthusiasm, energy and empowered confidence.

I've tried pretty much every type of yoga, meditation, therapy, counseling, manifestation tools and coaching you can think of to get out of my own way and change my beliefs to what is possible for me.

If you're anything like me, you might've done this as well.

And at the end of the day, it all came down to realizing that the Divine Feminine was my strength, was my power and unwavering support system.

I knew that change was possible because I saw so many other women being successful, being in "perfect" relationships, making the money I wish I was making... and doing it all with ease.

When I deeply reflected I came to the core of it all... I realized that when I was ignoring Her, believed she was weak and of no true importance or power... life was difficult, lackluster and without magic.

I found that connecting and allowing Her to expand fully within me, I was able to make better decisions, set healthy boundaries, release toxic relationships to people and substances, and finally find my purpose.

At the end of the day, I feel confident, happy and a sense of ease and trust I never had before.


These are some of the topics we'll be covering...

How to Set Sacred Space & the Importance of Ritual

Expressing Yourself: The Power of Language, Insight & Sound

Radical Self-Transcendence

Erotic Spirituality. Embracing Your Body as it Changes

Tapping into Infinite Space & Possibility.

Manifesting Self-worth, Beauty & Resilience

Becoming a Nourished Soul in a World Focused on Lack

How to Sit in Loss, Uncertainty & Be Guided to Stillness

Birthright of Rest

Creating Stability in

Times of Change

Internal Trust, Wisdom & Self-Confidence

Becoming the Goddess

Once a month...

you will invoke and embody a new Goddess. Through a combination of contemplations, mantras, personal exercises (sometimes asana), pranayama, and meditations you will access the divine connection in different ways. Some will be psychological. However, some will draw on the Tantra yoga tradition, like visualization and invocation that aim to help you recognize the subtle powers in yourself and the world.

Each of the goddesses

have a different essence of shakti that is unique. You’ll find you will connect to some more than others. The more you get to know them, the more they can uplift aspects of you that may have been ignored or dormant, so that you can embody your super powers. When you embrace them all, you embrace and wholly love and accept yourself.

Working with the goddess

energies gives you access to a power that works on a deeper level than is available through conventional psychology. The transformative power of goddess energies can untangle psychic knots, and can transform the mind and heart. She can cleanse the emotional and mental bodies, and change the way you see the world, others and yourself.

For women especially,

tuning into goddess energies is a way of accessing parts of ourselves and life-energy that we may never have fully understood, appreciated or owned.

Take the journey today!

Join the Awaken the Divine Feminine and get INSTANT access to the community, the content and the transformations!

Awaken the Divine Feminine includes:

A monthly workshop and workbook on the goddess (value $2500)

Direct empowerment coaching from Lynsie in our private portal (value $3000)

Yantras + Mantras Guide to raise your vibration so that you feel the radiance and power of each goddess as your own (value $150)

Audio meditations to connect you to the healing and nurturing qualities of the divine (value $150)

Yoga Nidra + pranayama guided classes to deeply rest, restore and rejuvenate your body and mind (value $150)

An online vault of yoga practices for each goddess so that you can embody her essence through conscious movement (value $250)

Special monthly practices for embodiment and energetic atunement (value $200)

VIP Guest speakers to uplift + empower (value $1200)


Change Your Breath, Change Your Life Course to experience the sacredness and healing capacity of the breath (value $200)

Change Your Breath, Change Your Life Course to experience the sacredness and healing capacity of the breath (value $200)

Total Value: $8000

Today’s Investment:

$199 per month payment plan / $2100 per year

(save $300 when you join annually)


The Complete Practice Library

Do you love yoga but are never confident in knowing which practice is correct for your needs and how you want to feel?

Take the guesswork out of your practice while exploring a broader spectrum of these teachings.

Tantra yoga is the mastery of energy and the weaving of the Divine into daily life. There is mastery and science to it that can empower you to deeply nourish and heal the body, steady the mind and reunite you with your heart.

Not all poses, meditations and breathing techniques create the same benefits or are useful to you at certain times in life.

When the correct postures are married to the right breathing, meditation and kriya techniques, the effects can be extraordinary.

Each module focuses on one goal and includes the practices that will support your intention and includes asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), meditation, yoga nidra and self-inquiry.

Take the time to completely nourish your nervous system, steady the mind and find ease in your body.

(value $500)


Monthly Goddess Circle

Every month we gather together online for a group coaching call, Q&A, to learn from guest speakers, and strengthen sacred connections. This is an opportunity to connect more deeply with fellow women on the path through inspiring and meaningful conversations.

This is your place to feel held, supported and loved by women who truly understand you and want to see you flourish and embrace your Divine Feminine powers.

We have monthly deep dive immersions where we gather together to invoke a new Goddess energy through mindful movement, ceremony, sacred sound, self-inquiry and rich, in-depth conversations.

This is a profoundly immersive and empowering experience for women

...who want to live in alignment to their highest potential, flow through life with more ease and grace and be a magnet that effortlessly attracts abundance, beauty and joy.

Therefore, it is important...

to see this as a GIFT to yourself. This is a unique opportunity to slow down, go inward, open up to the Goddess within you, so that healing and transformation can happen. The energies of the Goddesses will enliven, protect, and inspire you.

She will lead you to true thriving, freedom and abundance.

Got a question…?

If you cannot attend a session, it will be recorded and yours to keep.

Take the full 12-month journey and join the Facebook group so that you have the opportunity to ask questions that inevitably come up on a spiritual journey and receive support and mentoring every week for a full year.

The more you show up for yourself, participate and bring the goddess energies into your daily life, the more you will experience amazing shifts within you and your life.

Not to worry. Payment plans are available so that you can dive in now and awaken the divine within. Once you commit to the goddess (hence yourself), she will show up for you in profound ways and your investment will come back to you in beautiful ways.

The more you show up for yourself, participate and bring the goddess energies into your daily life, the more you will experience amazing shifts within you and your life.

The goddesses represent aspects of you. Cultivating a goddess practice helps you understand why you might be afraid of your own innate power, beauty and strength. The goddess energies heal the broken bond between you and your highest Self so that you can confidently claim all aspects of yourself. When you do, you become what you seek. You become the full embodiment of the Goddess.

When you join the 12-month journey, you’ll have access to mentoring and support within the Facebook Group so that you can delve deeper into how to step into your full power and presence.

The more you show up for yourself, participate and bring the goddess energies into your daily life, the more you will experience amazing shifts within you and your life.

You will receive a professionally recorded meditation for each goddess to keep. You can use these meditations to support you whenever you need that particular goddess to be alive within you and your life.

All sessions are recorded and yours to keep. Once you join, you can watch them at your leisure and revisit any goddess you want to spend more time with.

What other women are saying...

I was turning 40 – somehow simultaneously moving way too fast but also without any specific direction or clear purpose. – too much alcohol, too much stress, not enough rest, too much time wasted. I needed a reset but did not have the skills or focus to do this on my own.

I’ve worked with Lynsie for years and know that she brings such wisdom, joy, and love to her work.

Lynsie helped me clarify what was missing in my life: spiritual connection and self-nurturance. I found that the commitment was not only completely doable, but it made me realize how little time I dedicated to myself. I also didn’t realize that the community of women that Lynsie gathered would really be the catalyst for us to all grow!

This was exactly the space that I needed to do the work of transformation. I had never experienced such a sacred space or realized the power that we hold collectively – we women are amazing! Today I am continuing on my journey, now clearly grounded with a vision and purpose that aligns with my inner goddess!

~Megan B.

Working with Lynsie has opened up connections to my heart, emotions and a spiritual realm that I have not been able to access for as long as I can remember. Both times I participated in her seminars I felt immense personal growth, and afterwards even moved to different cities to continue my exploration. I have been given an arsenal of tools to help me remain grounded and steady no matter what I’m going through, and I encounter change with enthusiasm and courage rather than fear. As someone who needs to always keep searching, Lynsie is an ally who makes me feel validated and supported along my path. She approaches her work with diligence, compassion, and energy, and makes her clients feel like they are seen and heard, and are in such capable hands no matter where they are on their journey.

~C. A.

In my 12 year mental health and spiritual journey, I can say without a doubt that Lynsie McKeown has been one of the greatest blessings I have received, and continue to.

It is hard to describe the gem that is Lynsie, and the incredible work she does as a yoga and meditation teacher, intuitive healer, spiritual guide, and energy worker. If you are committed to your healing and transformation, and ready to do the work, Lynsie is the person to go to,

~Zawadi Nyong'o

Lynsie's breadth of knowledge and spiritual wisdom is inspiring, thought provoking and challenging, in the best of ways. Her harmonious voice and holistic approach to coaching and teaching have given me the courage and tools I need to go deep, to heal, to ask for more and to live my best and most joyous life.

She is a poised and powerful woman and her expertise has been an invaluable force for transformation in my life.

~Elizabeth Erickson

Claim your spot now and begin the Journey to Awakening to your most extraordinary life

When you embrace the divine Goddess energy within you, you blossom into what

you most desire in life.

You become the radiant magnet that attracts the love, abundance, beauty, and

prosperity you deserve.

Meet Your Guide, Lynsie

"Living up to your highest potential comes naturally when you are aligned with the Divine"

Lynsie's mission is simple and clear... to empower women to be in tune with their divinity and create lives filled with purpose, joy and confidence.

Lynsie is a Spiritual Women Empowerment Coach, a lineage Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a certified Neuroencoding Specialist, TedX Speaker and live Radio Show Host of

Women Thriving, Unapologetically.

With over 17 years of personal inner work and spiritual growth combined with more than 14 years of professional experience in the healing and transformative modalities, Lynsie weaves an intricate web of compassionate and insightful support that enables women to honor their unique pace of healing and transformation, so that they move in sacred flow with the divine becoming an expression of the innate joy, beauty, ease, and freedom that resides within.

She leads powerful, transformative mentorship programs for women who want to experience the freedom and abundance that comes from diving deeply into the sacred abode of the heart.

Join the Awaken the Divine Feminine and get INSTANT access to the community, the content and the transformations!

Awaken the Divine Feminine includes:

A monthly workshop and workbook on a specific goddess (value $2500)

Direct empowerment coaching from Lynsie in our private portal (value $3000)

An online vault of yoga practices for each goddess (value $250)

Yantras + Mantras Guide representing the monthly energies

(value $150)

Audio meditations for guidance and contemplation (value $150)

Yoga Nidra + pranayama guided classes (value $150)

Special monthly practices for embodiment and energetic attunement (value $200)

VIP Guest speakers to uplift + empower (value $1200)


Change Your Breath, Change Your Life Course (value $200)

BONUS: Complete Practice Vault (value $500)

Total Value: $8000

Today’s Investment:

$199 per month payment plan / $2100 per year

(save $300 when you join annually)